Why Digital Marketing is Important: 8 Reasons to know

When you start a new business, what is the first thought that strikes you?

Is that how you will sell your product in the market? Or how you will introduce your product to your target audience?

These questions lead to the following two methods of introducing, promoting, and selling your product in the market. These are:

  • Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing is the method that you must have seen or even implemented if you are in the business world for a long time. You must have used roadside hoardings, pamphlets, newspaper and television ads, etc. These tactics were quite effective before.

But the time has changed, and so did your audience interest. Now your potential customer might not read a newspaper or watch television. They are most probably blind to hoardings and pamphlets.

Today, the audience has shifted towards Digital. They use social media sites to hang out, uses search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, etc. to search for their queries. They measure a brand’s reputation by their online presence and make a buying decision based on the business’s ratings and reviews.

Digital Marketing is the Future

The internet has bought a whole new market. Digital marketing has become the norm of a successful business. Every business, no matter how much established it is, has shifted to the digital world. And if you are not part of this world, your business will not grow in the future.

Digital marketing gives you a lot of opportunities to grow your business. It can lead you to more exposure and more sales. After all, your ultimate aim is to increase your profit.

If you want to see improvements in your business or increase your sales, you have to get your hands into digital marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of Digital Marketing. It is the strategy that brings their customer valuable information rather than pitching directly for sales. Content marketing focuses on delivering value to the customer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO often goes hand in hand with content marketing. It is a strategy that focuses on optimizing the content for a better user experience & increase website traffic. The better optimized the website will be, the higher it ranks, and the higher number of visitors it will get.

Social Media Marketing

Today customers are highly reliant on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. These platforms are used by businesses to promote their products by generating awareness and providing valuable content. This is where brands communicate with their customers directly.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is the form of paid advertising that allows businesses to purchase traffic to their website. Businesses place ads on websites or search engines like Google and pay a fee each time their ad gets a click.

Video Marketing

It is one of the most effective mediums to attract more audience to your business. You can use video content in many ways. You can promote your product or service, share your business stories and testimonials, etc.

Email Marketing

It is one of the oldest yet most effective forms of digital marketing that gives the highest ROI. Through emails, you can interact with your customer at various stages of the marketing funnel. It involves sending out personalized emails to a targeted audience or previous customers.

Here are the reasons why digital marketing will make everything work for your business.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for your Business

1. Your customers are Online:

There are 4.66 billion internet users, which is 59.5% of the world’s population. Looking at the data, you must have got an idea that there is a fair chance your customers are among them.

It is an opportunity to reach out to them over the internet as there are no barriers of time and distance. It is the best kind of exposure your business can ever get.

As I have earlier said, when people hear about your business, they check your presence online to know if you do exist or not. If they can’t find anything about you online, you may probably lose your customer to your competitor.

2. Your competitors are Online:

Yes! Your competitors are online and are already acquiring your customers looking for you but can’t find you online.

Your competitors are establishing themselves online and bringing more traffic to their site. They’ve created social profiles, optimized their website for SEO, and run advertisements to reach new leads.

You can also check what your competitors are doing and take note of it. You can do what you think works best for you and generate more leads online.

3. You get to know your Audience:

Digital Marketing allows you to engage with your audiences and understand them and their needs. You can reach them on social media, run surveys, and try to understand their interests and desires. All you get to do is to pay attention to their feedback and responses.

By interacting with people digitally, you’ll get to know what they are looking for? What are their pain points? Which product might be the best solution for them?

In that way, you’ll begin to have a good relation with your customers. You’ll become much more than a business to them, maybe a friend. When you successfully build that trust among your customers, they are more likely to remain your customer for a long time.

4. You can send a personalized message to your target Customer:

With email marketing, yet an essential part of digital marketing, you can target almost down to the individual level.

We call it “segmentation.”

In some cases, you actually can get to the individual level. Marketers call it “personalization.”

When you collect data of your audience there are tools through which you can segment the data. The segmentation is not only limited to name, email, and phone number, rather they can also be segmented based on their demographics, interests, job profiles, etc.

You can use this segmented data to send more relevant and personalized content via mail. If it is not relevant to them, don’t send them.

5. You can easily monitor your Campaigns & optimize them accordingly:

The benefit of using digital marketing is that you can easily track & optimize your campaigns. When you invest your time and money into marketing, you have every right to know your campaign’s performance and the results.

In traditional marketing methods, it’s challenging to know the results of your campaigns. If you run newspaper ads, you don’t know whether someone has read your ad or not. There is no direct way to measure the results of such campaigns.

With digital marketing, you don’t need to worry about how you will measure the results. Every campaign you run is trackable. You can easily track the ROI & other indicators of the campaign. And if something does not work well, you can immediately pause the campaign, make relevant changes, and resume it again. It’s not possible in traditional methods.

6. You can get impressive ROI:

If you want to know the power of digital marketing, look at the results it drives for businesses.

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any other marketing method. For every $1 spent, you can get an ROI of $44. That is a 4400% return. But you first need to build your email list with quality subscribers. Then deliver relevant and personalized content to them.

Social media can also give you high ROI, though its ROI can be indirect at times. According to a Forbes study, companies using social media outsell 78% of businesses that don’t use social media. Customers coming from social media are 7X more likely to become your customer. It eventually reduces your sales cost.

7. You can establish your Brand Reputation:

Another reason to choose digital marketing is Brand Reputation. When was the last time you have bought from a business without researching a bit about them on the internet?

The customer has multiple choices when they search on the internet. Having a solid reputation on the internet creates a sense of influence and trust over the business. The higher the reputation, the easier it will be to attract the customer.

Building a rapport with your customers on the internet and a solid image of your company makes the closing easier and faster. Content marketing is a great tool you need to build a reputation online for your company.

8. Scaling & adapting is easy in Digital:

Digital marketing is affordable than traditional marketing. You can start with a low investment in digital and get the traffic flow into your website. But the importance of digital marketing becomes very clear when you see how easy it is to scale and adapt as your business grows.

Let’s take an example.
Suppose you run a Facebook ad campaign. From the initial stage only, you know how much money that campaign will cost you.

Now you begin to see some good results & you want to get more results fast. Then you do not need to go and negotiate with someone. All you have to do is, go to the dashboard & increase your daily spend limit. Here you get increased results. As simple as that.

Conclusion – Why Digital Marketing is Important

It’s Crystal Clear. The world has moved online, and so did your customer too. Businesses in the modern economy need digital marketing to reach their customers.

Digital marketing may sound confusing at first. But if you take the time to learn it, you will see that it is easy and effective than traditional marketing.

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